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Former Navy Seal Reacts to Biden's Stance on Second Amendment.

I will have my own two cents below the video.

I totally agree with the former seal views as educating kids and people about firearms. Also I agree any such firearm ban could create an illegal gun/ammo trade especially in liberal open border.

However, with been said, if they did pass this firearm ban. I, personally, think that they wouldn't enforce it by actually sending Sheriffs and/or ATF to a gun owner home, that would be very expensive and can be very ... very messy. I think they would enforce it by offering to "buy your guns" pennies on the dollar, or you can pay a "gun tax or fee" of 1,000 - 2,000 dollars each gun per year. Then they could claim it's a choice.

It's not only unconstitutional it's an illusion of choice, therefore, it's anti-freedom.

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