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Rod the Dragon

Welcome  to my personal online presence where you get a peek at what I am about.

Why the dragon, nickname?  Besides liking dragon stuff in general, I am often told that I am Draconic in nature.  I am often referred as tenacious through difficulty and fiercely protective of the people and possessions that I cherish.


Not as in a shear ridiculous notion of an actual flying, fire breathing lizard.

Picture 3.png

A creature of comfort and you enjoy living luxuriously, but you’re by no means lazy.

If provoked, I am a fearsome enemy, but I am not easily angered. I enjoy time to myself, but I also require intellectual stimulation, because behind all that raw power, you’re also sharp as a tack. 

Is a passionate, sometimes wild, creature.  I do wear my feelings on the outside. I can be a little over-aggressive if someone shows threat to a friend, family member, or even one of my ideals/ opinions.

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