Rod the Dragon

Welcome  to my personal online presence where you get a peek at what I am about.  No one will nor can divulge everything about oneself online entirely.

It's not hiding, however,  we should learn about each other by being engaging.  Not just using google and trust that what we read is true.  If you want to know about someone then engage them.  Be reasonably social and get to know people.

Why the dragon?  Besides liking dragon stuff in general, I am often told that I am Draconic in nature.  Not as in I am an actual flying, fire breathing lizard, but ...  

You inspire fear and awe, and you’re fiercely protective of the people

Picture 3.png

 and possessions you cherish.


You’re a creature of comfort and you enjoy living luxuriously, but you’re by no means lazy.


If provoked, you’re a fearsome enemy, but you’re not easily angered. You enjoy time to yourself, but you also require intellectual stimulation, because behind all that raw power, you’re also sharp as a tack. 


Is a passionate, sometimes wild, creature.  You wear your feelings on the outside. You can be a little over-aggressive if someone shows threat to a friend, family member, or even one of your ideals/ opinions. Your soul is untamable, like a fire.